Ho Chi Minh hosts French film festival

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Ho Chi Minh hosts French film festival

Ho Chi Minh City will host a French film festival starting this weekend at French Cultural Center Idecaf.

french film 11 award-winning and nominated French-language movies will be screened in the city starting this weekend

Eleven award-winning and –nominated French-language movies produced in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Greece and Canada have been chosen to be screened for the event.

There will be the Academy Award nominee “L’illusionniste” (The Illusionist) (2010), which is about a jobless French illusionist finding who travels to Scotland, where he meets a young woman, as well as “À pas de loup” (On the Sly), a 2011 Belgian children’s movie that won the Children’s Jury and Special Jury Prize at Montreal’s International Children’s Film Festival.

There is the 2008 Swiss family movie “Maman est chez le coiffeur” (Mommy Is at the Hairdresser's) and the moving Canadian flick “Incendies,” which is about a twins’ journey to the Middle East to discover their family history and fulfill their mother's last wishes.

Others include the 2011 film “Le mec ideal”, “Un homme qui crie” (A Screaming Man) (2010), the Greek “Au-dessous des étoiles”, “À l’origine” (In the Beginning) (2009), and “Qu’un seul tienne et les autres suivront” (Silent voice), from 2009.

The films will be shown from March 16 – April 10 at French Cultural Center Idecaf at 31 Thai Van Lung, District 1, HCMC.

Tickets can be purchased at the venue.

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