High schools lack lab equipment and qualified teachers

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High schools lack lab equipment and qualified teachers

Teachers in HCM City are facing major challenges in carrying out science lessons due a shortage of lab equipment.

Students doing science tests

Lab technician Hoang Thi Nguyet at Nguyen Hue High School said the school only needed six DNA structure models but had received 20. While the school stores redundant equipment it still lacks other apparatus.

"The length of a single pendulum in text book is 75 centimetres but the equipment we have is only 50 centimetres. These errors mean that teachers and students won’t get the correct results." Nguyet said.

Teachers in Phan Tay Ho Secondary School also have problems with substandard equipment. The animal skeletons models are mostly made of plaster so they are easy damaged after several uses and the clocks meters use in physics also lack accuracy.

At a conference to assess operation of private high schools, HCMC Department of Education and Training announced that 17 out of 85 high schools lacked laboratories.

A private high school admitted they couldn’t install a laboratory because their school premises were too small so classrooms were a priority. Furthermore, the exams do not require practical skills, only theories.

Public schools however have been provided with funding for laboratory equipment, however, most of them are not used.

Phung Thi Nguyet Thu, Deputy Headmaster of Mac Dinh Chi High School said, "The number of practical periods and funds for the equipment increased after the text books were changed. However, teachers seem to want to avoid doing practical work."

Explaining the situation, a headmaster of a high school in Go Vap District said that most of the teachers were not trained in using and maintaining the equipments.

Facing the fact that many private high schools do not have laboratory, Deputy Director of local Department of Education and Training Nguyen Hoai Chuong said that a deadline to build a laboratory has been set for schools. If any schools failed to reach the requirements, it would be ordered to stop enrollment.

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