High quality rice production prioritised

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High quality rice production prioritised

Nhan Dan – The Prime Minister approved a list of priority national products, with developing high quality, high yield Vietnamese rice being the top priority.

The Government created the list as a sound policy to make the rice production more efficient and create higher added value in the sector.

In addition to high quality rice, eight other items were named on the list including super long and super heavy equipment, network and information security products, vehicle engines, vaccines, products for national security, high quality catfish processing, edible and medicinal mushrooms, and micro-electronic circuits.

The list is part of the National Product Development Programme to 2020, aiming to promote the development of high quality, competitively priced locally made products produced using advanced technologies.

Under the programme’s framework, the State will provide full or partial financial assistance for technology transfers, scientific research and technological development, and offer funding to purchase copyrights, intellectual property and confidential trade information, as well as technical equipment and materials, software, tools, and new types of seeds and livestock breeds.

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