High quality Vietnamese goods secure firm foothold in local market

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High quality Vietnamese goods secure firm foothold in local market

(VOV) - Up to 80 percent of Vietnamese consumers want to use local products and more people trust their quality, according to a recent survey.

Effectiveness of the campaign “Vietnamese people using Vietnamese products”

The campaign “Vietnamese people using Vietnamese products” launched by the Political Bureau has been run effectively nationwide and more people prefer Vietnamese goods.

According to a survey conducted by the Research Institute for Social Opinion under the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Information and Education, in September 2010, up to 59 percent of consumers expressed their preference for Vietnamese goods while 40 percent encouraged their relatives and friends to buy Vietnamese goods. This showed that Vietnamese goods are becoming more and more popular.

Nguyen Xuan Hong, deputy general director of the Southern Food Corporation said that although Vietnamese products were cheap, they could not control the market due to low-quality. However, the campaign “Vietnamese people using Vietnamese goods” has given a fresh impetus for businesses to enhance their production and business strategies to win consumers’ trust.

Nguyen Xuan Hong said that in recent years, many consumers want to use Vietnamese goods, especially agricultural products. He added that it was still important to further improve the quality.

Apart from improving the quality and setting a competitive price, up to one-third of businesses also run regular promotion campaign to attract Vietnamese consumers.

Van Duc Muoi, director general of Vissan Limited Company said that last year, the company set up a wide network of distribution, especially in the rural areas.

Businesses also plan to increase their investment in research and create favourable conditions to raise the efficiency of production and ultimately to reduce prices for consumers. “We have seized the opportunity to build confidence among consumers and develop our trademarks, said Mr Muoi.

The campaign “Vietnamese people using Vietnamese goods” is the Politbureau’s guideline to boost Vietnam’s socio-economic development in the context of international integration. In future, local goods will face a fierce competition, especially from foreign goods.

High quality will be all the more important if Vietnamese businesses want to remain competitive.

Currently, many producers have to deal with counterfeit goods which have been illegally imported into Vietnam through different channels.

Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Ho Thi Kim Thoa said that developing local trade would lay a firm foundation for increasing domestic production as well as negotiating with foreign markets.

More Vietnamese people become aware of the importance of buying Vietnamese goods, which have helped raised their position in the local market. The growth rate of the retail turnover of 20 percent per year indicates that local businesses are capable of seizing their opportunities to establish their brand names.

Improving product design and quality

Vu Trong Kim, Vice President and General Secretary of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee said that up to 80 percent of consumers wanted to use Vietnamese goods.

Mr Kim, who is also deputy head of the central steering committee for the campaign “Vietnamese people use Vietnamese goods” said businesses and producers should focus on upgrading their technologies and management to produce high quality products with good design and low prices. In addition, it is necessary to set up networks of distribution and after-sale services.

The campaign “Vietnamese people using Vietnamese goods” has strengthened consumers’ trust in local products. Businesses themselves have also secured a firm foothold in the local market by raising their prestige and product quality. Businesses should map out plans to meet the people’s demand so that the campaign can become a long-term and effective movement.

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