Heavy primary education curricula make parents worried sick

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Heavy primary education curricula make parents worried sick

VietNamNet Bridge – Minister of Education and Training, Nguyen Vinh Hien, has affirmed that the most important task of the 2011-2012 academic year, is to renovate the curricula. Parents have been complaining that their children have to deal with a huge volume of knowledge.

The decision by the Ministry of Education and Training to ease the curricula has been released after parents and educators, for the last many years, have been complaining that the heavy curricula have been burdening small students. Parents say they have to hire tutors to give extra lessons to their children, because they themselves cannot help students solve too difficult questions.

Parents and children struggle with lessons

Ha Anh, 40, in My Dinh residential quarter in Hanoi, got very surprised when her son, Dinh Hieu, a third grader, asked her to help solve the mathematics question: “the mother is 30 years older than the son, and the mother’s age is four times higher than the age of the son. How old are the mother and the son?”

Anh said that if the mathematics question is designed for secondary school students, they would be able to solve the question easily by creating an equation. However, third graders are asked to solve the question in arithmetic way, which proves to be impossible for many students.

Linh, a mother in Hai Ba Trung district in Hanoi, said that she could not help the son solve a mathematics question and she had to ask for the help from her friends. However, even after the teacher gave the answer to the question, Linh still had doubts about the answer.

A parent wrote on an education forum from cocolo@yahoo.com that she could not understand why the curricula for primary school students are so heavy. “I was shocked with the huge volume of knowledge the students would have to obtain this year,” she wrote.

“Especially, mathematics questions all prove to be very difficult,” she continued. The mother, who has two university degrees, admitted that she cannot solve the mathematics questions of a second grader.

Another parent wrote from kien..@gmail.com that her son is a third grader of the Nam Thanh Cong Primary School in Hanoi, who always entreats the help from the father, because the boy and his mother could not solve the questions.

In order to help children, parents have to read teachers’ books

Anh Thu, a worker in the Tan Binh Industrial zone in HCM City, has revealed that she sometimes has to seek information on Internet or entreat help from experts, because she cannot help the child in his studying.

“I know other parents have to pay 400,000 dong a month to hire tutor for their children. However, I am a worker, and I cannot afford the high fees for tutoring lessons,” she complained.

Tran Thi Thi, the mother of a student of the Doan Thi Diem people founded primary school in Hanoi, noted that the current curricula prove to be quite different from the curricula she followed in the past. There are a lot of new updated types of questions and more ways of solving questions.

Especially, Thi’s father, who is the lecturer of the mathematics faculty of the Hanoi University of Education, also got surprised when reading a mathematics question designed for Thi’s daughter, a fourth grader.

The grandfather showed the girl how to solve the problem, but the girl just got zero for the answer, because the way of solving problem shown by the mathematics university lecturer was not the right one wanted by the teacher.

Thi said that in order to help children to review the lessons, parents should read the books compiled for teachers. This allows parents to update knowledge and help children follow the right methods.

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