Health Ministry announces initial judgments of strange skin disease

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Health Ministry announces initial judgments of strange skin disease

VietNamNet Bridge – The Ministry of Health on May 7 released a report which mentions elements that may cause the bizarre skin disease in Ba To district of the central province of Quang Ngai.

According to the ministry, it is highly possible that patients are directly contaminated or poisoned from food.

Experts confirmed that this disease does not relate to infection (from virus and bacteria) because no patient got a fever when they caught the disease. The disease relapses and does not develop to acute form.

In addition, 100 percent of patients have the increase of liver enzyme and their nutrition state was poor. There is no clear difference in terms of age and gender among patients as well as there is no evidence for infection from human to human.

Experts said that a reason causing the disease is being poisoned through respiratory and digestion systems by eating moldy rice, being bitten by insects and nutrition deficiency.

The Ministry has brought out a new method to treat the disease, which will replace the old plan that was issued in January 2012.

Patients with mild inflictions can be treated by applying a cream containing corticoid and two percent salicylic ointment all over their body, which will keep the skin moist and soft.

However, patients that are more seriously affected must be taken to the general hospital in the province or a bigger hospital in the city.

All doctors, irrespective of their division, must take part in diagnosing these patients. In case the patients suffer from kidney and liver failure, doctors must filter their blood and try and save lives.

The ministry also warned against complications, such as blood bacterial contamination, pneumonia, lestospira-spirochaete bacteria, encephalitis, convulsion fits and even coma.

The Ministry also asked Quang Ngai authorities to quickly supply white rice to local residents.

In the latest news, one more patient died, raising the total number of dead people by this unknown disease to 21 by May 8.

The latest victim is a 52-year-old woman.


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