Hanoi’s schoolgirl urges her boyfriend to shoot sex clip with rival

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Hanoi’s schoolgirl urges her boyfriend to shoot sex clip with rival

VietNamNet Bridge – Hanoi police are investigating the case in which a young man shot a sex video clip featuring himself and his girlfriend, a high-school student, and then gave the clip to another girlfriend to diffuse at her school.

The cell phone that Hung used to shoot the clip.

The man in the clip is Le Trong Hung, 17, who has just quit a high school in Ha Dong district, Hanoi. Trung has two girlfriends at the same time – AH and HT – who are tenth-grade students at his former high school.

Being jealous, on April 10, HT borrowed a cell phone of her friend, gave it to Hung and asked him to shoot a sex clip between him and his other girlfriend named AH, in order to diffuse the video clip to humiliate AH. Hung agreed.

On April 11, Hung and AH rented a room at an inn in Ha Dong district. Hung told AH that he would like to shoot a sex clip to keep as memories. AH agreed.

The same day Hung then gave back the cell phone, with the sex clip inside, to HT. This schoolgirl brought the cell phone to her school and showed the sex clip to others. After that, this video clip was diffused to many other students in several high schools in Ha Dong and was detected by teachers, who reported to the police.

Police summoned Hung for investigation. Hung said that he loved HT more, so he agreed to shoot the video clip at the request of HT.

Police quickly prevented the diffusion of the clip.

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