Hanoi's heat could reach 40 Celsius degrees today

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Báo Tuổi Trẻ English - 82 month(s) ago 8 readings

Vietnam is being hit by an intense heat wave and temperatures in Hanoi today could measure up to 40 degrees Celsius.

According to the Central Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting Center, Hanoi’s room temperature Thursday is predicted to reach 37 degrees at maximum while the mercury on the streets could be 2 or 3 degrees higher.

This means that temperature on the capital streets could reach a scorching 40 degrees.

In the central region’s Nghe An province, it could be 39 degrees.

The heat wave is expected to continue in the next few days.

On Wednesday, the northern and central regions recorded 36-37 degrees.

Tuong Duong in Nghe An province in the central region recorded 37.8 degrees, Quy Hop in Nghe An recorded 38.5 degrees, Dong Hoi in Quang Binh also in the central region recorded 37.5 degrees.

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