Hanoi store puts live models in window

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A fashion shop in Hanoi has come up with an unusual marketing ploy and got young women to pose in its store window instead of mannequins.

Quach Minh Hang (left) and Tran Thu Huong (middle) are modeling in the store's window Photo: Tuoitre

Every evening at 7 pm Tran Thu Huong, a freshman at the Hanoi Tourism College, starts her shift by changing into selected clothes and sitting behind the window glass.

It began when she came to apply for a shop assistant’s position, Huong recalled, and the owner suggested she wanted some live models for her window display.

For posing two hours every evening, the salary offered was VND 1 million (US$49) a month.

“The job sounded new and interesting and I could get to wear beautiful clothes everyday. So I accepted her offer.”

Huong’s first day at work was not easy because of the curious stares of passers-by. “But you get used to it after some time.”

The live mannequins can talk to each other, drink, use their phones, or do whatever they want as long as they can attract shoppers’ attention.

Quach Minh Hang, a 12th grader at Phan Huy Chu High School in Hanoi, said the job was helping her earn money during the summer and realize how hard it was to do so.

“This is the best way to promote my store and differentiate it from others,” Tran Huong Ly, the owner, said.

Earlier this month, Reuters reported, Milan-- a world’s fashion capital- has seen its public go angry as models appeared in shorts and bikinis in the window of a department store in the city center.

Italy's trade unions denounced the work, calling it the mechanization of the human body.

"Let's be clear, we're not against the sale, or a free-market economy, or against consumers. But we want to defend the decency of workers and the intelligence of customers," the union said to Reuters.

However, according to the news agency, Stefano Beraldo, chief executive of the department using live bikini mannequins said they had provided an employment opportunity for young people.

"We have given these kids a job and we paid their costs. They prefer to work rather than staying idle on the streets,” he said.

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