Hanoi man burns self due to debts

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Hanoi man burns self due to debts

Police have discovered that the man who burned himself on An Duong Vuong Street in Hanoi’s Tay Ho District last Tuesday afternoon did so because he was heavily indebted.

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Police found that the passport left at the scene of the accident belonged to the man. He is Ho Thanh Hung (34) from Da Nang, and resided in Dong Da district.

According to the testimonies of those who know Hung, he went home that day and got a plastic can. He told everyone it was to take some wine from a colleague. However, Hung did not go back work, and probably bought petrol from a gas station.

Later he rode his Attila bike to An Duong Vuong street, poured petrol all over his body, and set himself on fire.

Hung’s brother, Ho Thanh Nam (36), said he had been addicted to gambling and betting, and owed money to a lot of people.

In 2009, Hung married an accountant, though they have no children.
Recently, his mother complained that he was not concentrating on work. He continued to drown in gambling, and did not give any of his salary to his wife.
Nam guessed that Hung committed suicide because he was so heavily indebted and could not keep calm.
Authorities are continuing to investigate the case.

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