Hanoi fixes pronunciation problem among students, teachers

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Hanoi has recently launched a campaign in 13 suburban districts to correct a pronunciation and spelling problem commonly found among elementary school students and teachers.

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A recent survey by the elementary education board shows a considerable number of elementary school students and teachers confuse the initial consonant ‘l’ with ‘n’ and vice versa when they speak and write.

The local Department of Education and Training has thus required that the practice be corrected among those students and teachers in this academic year.

Each school in the districts had to schedule at least one or two 45-minute class sessions a week to rectify the problem, the department said.

The teachers should themselves set examples by correcting one another first, it noted.

Nguyen Tri Dung, deputy head of the local elementary education board, said this was a common articulation problem among local residents in the districts.

“Some have no idea how to correct it while others even do not bother to.”

Tran Van Quy, head of Gia Lam District’s education office, suggested not recruiting teachers having this problem since they could ruin their students’ language proficiency.

The mispronunciation of the two consonants is also rife in many other northern provinces.

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