Hanoi FC coach resigns, citing conflict with players

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Hanoi FC coach resigns, citing conflict with players

Nguyen Thanh Vinh has resigned as coach of Hanoi FC, citing conflicts with some local players over his tactic that saw the whole team revolve around a hot-tempered Nigerian forward.

nguyen thanh vinh Coach Nguyen Thanh Vinh (R) and Hanoi FC's boss Nguyen Duc Kien Photo: Tuoi Tre

Vinh yesterday said goodbye to his club, just one day after his team was beaten 3-1 by Kienlongbank Kien Giang at the 16th round of 2012 Eximbank V-League.

“I could not bring about the desired result for the club, and I need to take a rest due to my developing symptoms of high blood pressure,” the 66-year-old said.

However, it is also rumored he gained little respect at the club.

“I see work has not been going well, and the environment there doesn’t suit me,” Vinh told Tuoi Tre.

“The domestic players themselves created misunderstanding about one another’s salaries, and claimed that I favored foreign forward Timothy.

“These have resulted in unnecessary conflicts, and it’s hard to continue working in such a situation.”

Nigerian forward Timothy is well known for his hot temper, despite his knack for scoring.

With Vinh developing a playing tactic centered around Timothy for Hanoi FC, some players have expressed disagreements, and even refused to cooperate with the Nigerian.

“Timothy’s fellows still have a bad impression about him due to his rebellious past.

“I don’t overindulge anyone, but only do what benefits the club,” he said.

Kienlongbank Kien Giang, which is on the brink of relegation, on Sunday secured a shocking victory against 9th-place Hanoi FC right at the latter’s home stadium Hang Day.

The Hanoi side’s defeat, however, is not surprise to some insiders, who say the result is understandable, since the Kien Giang club is funded by a bank whose largest shareholder is arguably Nguyen Duc Kien. Kien also holds a considerable amount of shares of a different bank which funds Hanoi FC.

“This is the case of two clubs of one same boss playing against each other. Everything is like acting a play,” insiders said.

Coach assistant Hoa Manh Hung will temporarily take the wheel while waiting for a new head coach, Hanoi FC administrators said.

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