Government takes measures to protect consumer rights

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Government takes measures to protect consumer rights

Fraud and fake businesses will face fines of up to VND70 million (USD3,353) in a recent bid by the government to protect consumer rights.

Consumer rights will receive greater protection

The new regulations that will come into effect on May 1 specify that individuals and organisations that offer substandard goods and violate consumer rights will be fined VND50-70 million (USD2,400-3,353). The violations include taking advantage of people during difficult times such as natural disasters and epidemics to sell substandard products or services.

A lower penalty of about VND10-20 million (USD479-958) will be applied to groups or individuals that misuse confidential customer information for wrong or illegal purposes, or pass on details to a third party without informing customers. This penalty will also apply to companies that harass customers with advertising or spam.

Those that force people into buying goods they don’t want will be fined VND10-30 million (USD479-1,437).

TV commercials are also under fire. Creators of fraudulent TV commercials that deceive customers about their products or quality of services will be fined VND20-30 million (USD958-1,437).

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