Gold prices exceed VND45.5 million/tael

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Gold prices exceed VND45.5 million/tael

(VOV) - At opening time on August 9, the domestic price of gold quickly reached VND45.32 million/tael, VND1.2 million/tael higher than at closing time on August 8.

In Hanoi at 9am, SJC gold was transacted at VND44.90-45.52 million/tael, up VND1.4-1.2 million/tael.

Thang Long Dragon gold in Bao Tin Minh Chau Company hit a new record of VND44.90-45.60 million/tael.

In the Meantime, the world price of gold amounted to US$1,741 per ounce, up US$30 per ounce compared to the afternoon of August 8 but VND2 million/tael lower than the domestic gold price.

As many gold stores were running short of gold supplies, the State Bank of Vietnam announced on August 8 that it would allow import gold to stabilize the market.

On the morning of August 9, the USD/VND exchange rate in Vietcombank rose from VND135-100 to VND20,750-20,810 per US dollar. In ACB, it hovered around VND20,780-20,814 per US dollar.

Gold prices hit a record high of VND44 million per tael

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