Glass painting craft still alive in the delta

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Glass painting craft still alive in the delta

Coming to An Giang Province’s Cho Moi District, tourists should not ignore the traditional glass painting craft village in Long Dien B Commune on Ong Chuong Islet.

The craft has been alive since the 1950s and developed strongly in Long Dien, Long Kien, Long Giang and Long Dien B communes and has been handed down from generation to generation.

In the past, residents in the countryside in the delta have often used glass paintings to display in altars and decorate living rooms.

To make a glass painting, artists need to finish four steps, including cutting the glass, screen-printing on the glass with patterns, coloring and finally putting it in a frame.

Most glass paintings depict religious stories and characters, landscapes, fruits and flowers or some meaningful proverbs.

Many local firms making glass paintings create jobs for hundreds of laborers in the commune and neighboring areas. Each month, one worker can earn from VND1.5-3 million (USD72.8-USD145.6) per month.

Nguyen Thanh Hoa, a local artist, said: “The products now are not loved by many people but the commune tries to preserve it as a traditional craft to hand down to younger generations.”

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