Girl cruelly beaten by teens for “hateable looks”

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A 19-year-old girl who was beaten into unconsciousness on May 1 for her “hatable” looks told Tuoi Tre that she absolutely did not do or say anything to two rural teen girls who attacked her.

Tuyet is very weak after two surgeries

Nguyen Thi Tuyet, of Dong Phuoc commune, who twice fainted while being cruelly beaten in the southern province of Hau Giang and who had to undergo two brain surgeries said she did not know why they beat her.

Tuyet said after she recovered from consciousness the first time, the two beat her again, sending her into a second unconsciousness.

Tuyet’s boyfriend told Tuoi Tre Sunday that around 8pm on May 1 when Tuyet was drinking coffee, two women called her outside because they said “she glanced and pointed at them”.

The boyfriend said that they used glass bottles and a crash helmet to hit on Tuyet and humiliated her.

When he intervened, he was thrust aide.

Only when the coffee house owner intervened did they leave.

Tuyet had to undergo two brain surgeries at the central hospital in Can Tho City.

Tuyet’s mother Le Thi Loi said she had to borrow VND17 million (US$850) to pay for surgery fees.

Two arrested and released

Nguyen Van Minh, deputy police chief of Nga Sau Town in Hau Giang told Tuoi Tre that the two girl assaulters have been arrested.

They are Do Thi Thuy and Ha Kim Yen, both in their mid and late teens.

Yen confessed that she did not have any big conflict with Tuyet but she beat her just because she “looks hateable”.

Both have been released because Yen is just short of 16 years old and by law, is not criminally liable for minor offences while Thuy, though over 19 years old, has a young child.

Tuyet is now very weak, doctors said.

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