Friendship association backs release of five Cubans

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Friendship association backs release of five Cubans

The Vietnam-Cuba Friendship Association (VCFA) has affirmed solidarity with five Cuban youths who have been detained in the US for their efforts to prevent terrorist acts against their homeland.

The association hosted a talk in Hanoi on October 4 in response to the world movement demanding the release for the five youths.

The movement in solidarity with the Cuban people calling for the five Cubans’ freedom is gaining momentum in the world, with strong emphasis that they are allowed to meet their families and have their basic human rights ensured, said VCFA Vice President Nguyen Duy Cuong.

According to Cuban Ambassador to Vietnam Fredesman Turro Gonzale, 13 years after they were arrested and detained in the US, the wives of Gerado Hernandez and Rene Gonzalez still have not been granted visas to visit their husbands.

Source : VNA

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