Foreign-related clinics play tricks on patients

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VietNamNet Bridge – Exaggerated advertising, performing illegal services and using foreign doctors without work permits are popular violations of consulting rooms that use Chinese doctors in Hanoi and HCM City.

Receiving patients at the reception desk, staff of the Trung Nam consulting room, where employs Chinese doctors, in District 11, HCM City, confirmed that this “hospital” can mend broken hymens and cure premature ejaculation by surgery.

Some patients suspected and called the HCM City Health Department’s inspectors, who found that this consulting room not only exaggerated itself as a “hospital”, but also offered illegal services, including specialized surgeries.

“Performing services that exceed the consulting room’s ability is unsafe for patients,” said Pham Kim Binh, HCM City Department of Health’s vice chief inspector.

HCM City’s health inspector, Pham Huu Quoc, said that many people called health inspectors to report that at many consulting rooms that have Chinese doctors, the doctors did not have name cards on their blouse. These doctors examined patients cursorily and asked for high advance on treatment expenditures.

At a traditional consulting room on Nguyen Trai road, District 5, inspectors detected many examination record books with Chinese scripts but Chinese doctors were not at the consulting room. Chinese traditional medicines sold to patients without labels and origins.

At another consulting room on Tran Hung Dao Road, District 5, inspectors found out that Chinese doctors were not there as advertised; many kinds of medicines without labels; advertisements of the consulting room’s functions were blown up.

At other Chinese-related consulting rooms in Binh Tan ward, District 6, inspectors detected similar violations. Some Chinese doctors did not have professional certificates or work permits.

Some consulting rooms which were advertised to employ Chinese doctors operated illegally.

According to the HCM City Department of Health, there are only six consulting rooms owned by Vietnamese but using foreign doctors and two consulting rooms owned by foreigners in the city. These consulting rooms register to offer general services.

However, over ten foreign-related consulting rooms are counted in District 5, District 6, District 11, Binh Tan and Binh Thanh District. Most of them offer illegal services like mending hymens, treating premature ejaculation by operating, abortion, etc.

In Hanoi, the Department of Health fined seven out of 13 foreign-related consulting rooms last week, totaling VND90 million ($4,300) for exaggerated advertising, using unlicensed foreign doctors, claiming higher charges than listed charges, etc.

At a consulting room that employs Chinese doctor on Giai Phong road, inspectors detected that Chinese doctors wrote out prescriptions in Chinese, meaning that patients must buy medicines at this consulting room. If they take the prescription to pharmacies, pharmacists could not understand.

Maria consulting room on Thai Thinh Street has been fined three times this year for using unlicensed foreign doctors and other faults.

On September 15, the Hanoi Department of Health met with 13 consulting rooms that employ Chinese doctors. At the meeting, Chief inspector Nguyen Viet Cuong warned that if these consulting rooms continue breaking the rules, their licenses would be revoked.

Patients can call 04.37333071 to report any matter they see at consulting rooms in Hanoi to the Hanoi Department of Health.


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