Foreign made home decoration products flooding domestic market

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Foreign made home decoration products flooding domestic market

VietNamNet Bridge - Home decoration products have been available everywhere these days, from traditional markets, supermarkets to “pavement markets.” However, most of them are imports.

Foreign made products dominating the market

“Most of the home decoration products are imported from foreign countries, especially from China. Therefore, the characteristics of Vietnamese culture blur,” Tran Viet Tien, Director of Gia Long Arts Company, noted.

In HCM City, the streets of Hau Giang, Hai Thuong Lan Ong, Hai Ba Trung and Binh Tay market area have become colorful with li xi envelops (the envelops where people put money inside to give to children as presents on the New Year days), 12-animal paintings, red Tet parallel sentences and home decoration things.

The products prove to have better designs than that of the previous years. Especially, the image of dragon appears on everything, because 2012 is the year of the Dragon.

Hoa, the owner of a home decoration product shop on Hau Giang Street, said that most of the products are imported from China. The prices are affordable to everyone, which are just 10-15 percent higher than the previous year.

For example, li xi envelops are sold at 15,000 dong for six products. Meanwhile, a small Earth God or God of Wealth are priced at between 5000 dong and 70,000 dong, and a Tet parallel of sentences is priced at 65,000-90,000 dong.

Especially, artificial flowers and ornamental trees are the things that most of girls and housewives are hunting these days. Most of the products are sourced from China, Thailand, Taiwan and Japan. People like the trees with many fruits, because in the thoughts of Vietnamese people, fruits symbolize the prosperity in business.

Minh, the owner of a flower shop on Pasteur Street in district 3 of HCM City, said that the market this year proves to be more diversified, especially with high grade products. Artificial flowers can be made of different materials, from fabric, silk to papers, which have the styles and colors true to life and have nearly replaced plastic made flowers.

“The artificial flowers are made in a very sophisticated way, which fits the atmosphere of a modern apartment. Especially, you can choose the pots of tulip or roses with fragrance. Therefore, they look like true flowers,” said Bich Lien, a housewife in Nha Be district.

Where are Vietnam made products?

While imports are dominating the market, very few Vietnamese products are available on the market. Meanwhile, Vietnamese enterprises said that it is very difficult to compete with imports, especially the imports from China, in terms of prices.

However, Tien said that some Vietnamese enterprises have been trying to squeeze into the potential home market. In order to avoid a confrontation with the imports, domestic producers have been focusing on the products which can show their advantages, such as paintings, candy trays, or li xi envelops with purely Vietnamese designed style.

For the last three years, Gia Long has been trying to boost the sale of wall paintings or the boxes for gifts, candies made of composite material.

Ngo Quoc Dung, Head of the Viet li xi development (, said that he and his colleagues began their experiments in 2011 when launching 400,000 li xi envelops into the market. Meanwhile, about 3 million envelops will be marketed this year, including 2 million products made to orders.

“With the purely Vietnamese design, the products are believed to attract Vietnamese consumers,” Dung said.

Director of an enterprise sad that the biggest problem of Vietnamese products is the lack of the product diversification, because of which, consumers do not have many choices. Therefore, in order to compete with imports and conquer the home market, they should focus on diversifying products, especially the ones which bear Vietnamese cultural characteristics.

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