First-time voters eager to cast their ballots

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First-time voters eager to cast their ballots

PANO - These days, the close-circuit radio station of the Air-Defence Corps N73 (Military Zone 5) is working hard to collect, record then deliver news relating to elections of the 13th National Assembly and People’s Councils at all levels for the 2011-2016 tenure. Soldiers look excited about the coming Election Day because some feel proud of going to the polls for the first time.

During a break on the drill ground, Section 1 Sergeant Vuong Van Nam, was looking at the list of NA candidates printed by the People’s Army Newspaper while explaining election issues for other soldiers. Nam confided, “I am so excited about the coming Election Day because this is actually a meaningful opportunity for me to contribute to a significant political event. Taking part in elections helps me grow up much.”

Section 3 PFC (Private First-Class) Kso Phuc, a champion of the 10km mini-marathon at his unit’s Sports Competition, was training hard in order to participate in the coming competition at Military Zone’s level. Despite training hard, Phuc still spent time on elections. “Officers encouraged me to attain good performances to celebrate the Election Day. Over the past few days, I have listened to the radio about the elections whilst practicing running, so I feel eager for that coming day. I think I would be as happy as I reached the 10km target,” said Phuc.

Regarding the unit’s election propaganda activities, Colonel Truong Xuan Lai said, “All the preparations for elections have been completed to welcome “the Festival of the Whole People” on May 22nd when they themselves will vote for the best candidates to represent them in the 13th NA and People’s Councils at all level in Binh Dinh Province. In particular, voting on Election Day shows not only citizens’ responsibility to the country, but also the desire of soldiers of N73 Air-Defence Corps in the cause of firmly defending the national sacred sovereignty”.

Translated by Thanh Thao

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