First international canine contest to be held in Vietnam

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First international canine contest to be held in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge – The Vietnam Kennel Association (VKA) will organize the first Vietnam Dog Show at Phan Dinh Phung Sport Center in District 1, HCM City on November 10-11.

Seeking the origin of Phu Quoc ridgeback
Phu Quoc ridgebacks go to the world

A Phu Quoc ridgeback.
The event will include three competitions for Vietnamese canines, Phu Quoc ridgebacks and international dog breeds. The jury members will be experienced experts from many countries.

The Vietnam Kennel Association was established in 2008 to preserve and develop dog breeds, particularly rare breeds in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s two Phu Quoc ridgebacks, named Dom and Ven, were admitted to the World Dog Show 2011 in Paris in July 2011, a comeback to the global scene after 117 years.

At the French national round on July 8, Dom won the title “Best of Breeds” (BOB) title and Ven was received an “excellent” grade. But Dom was almost not considered for the Best of Group (BOG) title later, as the judge of its group claimed that FCI has not recognized the ridgeback and he knew little about the breed.

The judge only agreed to take a look at Dom after his handler Le Tuan complained to the organizers. Finally, neither Dom nor a Thai ridgeback in the group got the title.

Dom and Ven were the only candidates in the Phu Quoc ridgeback category at the international BOB round on July 9, presenting an opportunity for the breed to be put on the FCI list after 117 years.

Espen Engh, a judge from Norway, gave Ven CACS, a French certificate for beautiful dog at world level, yet he refused to give the dog any award or cup for the world’s Best of Breed.

Officials from the Vietnam delegation said that Vietnam needs to do a lot in the years to come, so that efforts to bring Phu Quoc dogs back to world recognition do not go in vain again.

Vietnam Kennel Association and the owners of Dom and Ven have spent four years and a lot of their own money to get the dogs into the competition.

Dom had won the first prize at the association’s dog show in 2009 for his look and horse-paced run. He also won first prize at a national Phu Quoc ridgeback competition in 2009.

Vo Hong Hai, Dom’s owner from Ho Chi Minh City, paid nearly VND30 million (US$1,458) to get medical checks, flight tickets and two guards for Dom. Hai also asked Le Tuan, the owner of the TrangLe Neapolitan Mastiff dog farm in Canada, to go to Paris to be Dom’s handler.

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