Fireworks light up night sky in Da Nang

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Fireworks light up night sky in Da Nang

The Da Nang - Vietnam team's display ( Image: )

Tens of thousands of spectators filled the 32,000-seat grandstand along the Han river as well as tourist boats on the Han River and all the streets in the city.

Prior to the opening, thousands of lanterns were released on the Han river to pray for health, success and good luck.

In addition to the host team from Vietnam, this year’s event brings together four teams from Canada, China, France, and Italy, all of which were winners of the previous contests from 2008 to 2011.

The David Whysall International Fireworks company from Canada opened the competition with an inspiring performance entitled ‘Lighting Up the Dark’, which highlighted the sparkling beauty of the Han River, as well as the poetic natural features and dynamic life and friendliness of Da Nang. It was accompanied by various types of music, beginning with the classical masterpiece ‘O Fortuna’, followed by the animated song ‘Fireworks’ by Katy Perry, and ending with a jubilant, romantic violin composition.

The Da Nang-Vietnam team delighted the audience with a colourful five-part performance retelling Vietnam’s thousand-year history of national construction and development while praising the heroic traditions, tremendous encourage and undaunted spirit of the Vietnamese people. The performance was blended with popular revolutionary songs to reflect the joy of the Vietnamese people on Liberation Day (April 30).

The opening night closed with an impressive display by Chinese pyrotechnicians entitled ‘Valley of the Cherry Blossoms’, featuring a fantastic story of a fisherman who discovers a land of cherry blossoms, where people enjoy their lives filled with love and laughter. The performance reflected humankind’s aspirations for peace and happiness.

The first day of the festival was a public party for the spectators full of joyful sound and colour and it will conclude tonight with two highly anticipated presentations by the French and Italian teams.

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