Fire rages through Da Nang largest night club (video)

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Fire rages through Da Nang largest night club (video)

This afternoon, a fire fiercely raged the night club Phuong Dong situated on Dong Da Street in central Vietnam’s Da Nang city.


According to a source, the fire occurred when the club was busily preparing for Christmas and the New Year.

Professional firefighters couldn’t step inside the club since there was only one door there.

Around 20 minutes later, firefighters equipped with gas-masks and water cannons were ordered to seek ways to get inside the club.

However, at that time, the flames quickly spread and soon engulfed the night club.

The smoke has affected the residents living in a two kilometer radius of the club.

There were no immediate reports of human casualties.

According to investigators, the fire broke out at the construction site of bar, hotel and karaoke and then spread to the whole club despite it was raining outside.

There was a monumental cloud of thick smoke covering the residential area and streets nearby, sending local people into panic and driving some residents from their houses.

Da Nang authorities have mobilized all rescue forces and all fire fighting equipment they have to help control the flames.

Firefighters used fans to blow the smoke out and fresh air in the club. It took them about 40 minutes to get inside for rescue operations.

Phuong Dong is the largest night club in Da Nang. It often attracted crowds of local youths as well as overseas or local singers every night.

The video clip provided by reader Nguyen Nhat Quang


The red star icon marks the location of the Phuong Dong night club

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