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A series of films will be screened in Hanoi later this week sharing the stories of people affected by the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan last year.

The Japanese films, brought by the Japan Foundation Centre for Cultural Exchange, will show from March 16-18 at the National Cinema Centre.

The selected four films include ‘Quartet’, ‘Haru's Journey’, ‘Fukushima Hula Girls’ and ‘Wanko’. They offer a panorama of how Japanese people live and cope with the natural disasters that have struck their country.

‘Quartet’ was produced by director Junichi Mimura this year for the 30th anniversary of Urayasu City, which was affected by severe soil liquefaction after the earthquake last year.

‘Haru's Journey’ was made in 2010 in Miyagi Prefecture , a place directly affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Although the film was made before last year's disaster, the depiction of elderly in the film makes audiences reflect on their situation at that time.

Fukushima Hula Girls is a 102-minute documentary directed by Masaki Kobayashi. The film follows the struggling lives and activities of the Spa Resort Hawaiian's hula girls. The resort, one of the biggest theme parks in Tohoku region, was forced to close due to the critical damage caused by the earthquake last year.

Over four months, the girls devoted themselves to rebuilding the paradise and conducted a nationwide tour in the hopes of restoring some happiness to Japan.

The drama Wanko – The Story Of Me, My Family And My Dog is based on true story of a family torn apart by an unimaginable natural disaster on the island of Miyakejima.

All films will be screened with Vietnamese and English sub-titles. Free tickets are available at the Japan Foundation, 27 Quang Trung street , Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.


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