Farmers in Mekong Delta harvest bumper crop

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Farmers in Mekong Delta harvest bumper crop

PANO – In spite of the recent flooding in the Mekong Delta, farmers still made a high profit from high productivity and high prices in rice prices in the fall-winter season 2011.

According to figures released by the Mekong Delta Rice Research Institute, local farmers harvested 50 per cent out of around 650,000 ha of rice in the fall-winter season.

At prices of VND 6,500–8,000 per kg of rice and an average yield of 5-6.5 tons per ha, they can make a profit of VND 20–28 million per ha, the highest so far.

In this year’s fall-winter season, the region’s rice cultivation area and productivity increased by 150,000ha and with a yield of 0.4 ton per ha against 2010. The local agricultural sector estimated that the region’s total rice yields during the season would reach 3.15 million tons of rice - the figures would be higher if hundreds of ha of rice were not affected by the flooding - and the year’s rice yield would reach 22.8 million tons of rice, an increase of 1.3 tons of rice compared to the same period last year.

For these achievements, local farmers applied more advanced technologies in rice production to reduce additional costs and increase rice productivity, including the “Large model field”, “Three reductions and three increases” and “Managing epidemics by eco-technology” models.

Translated by Van Hieu

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