Families still ignore HIV infection risks

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Families still ignore HIV infection risks

VGP – In Việt Nam, a large number of parents still avoid direct discussions with their children about gender education including HIV knowledge.

Parents should be the first teacher for their children about gender and HIV infection risks - Illustration photo

A recent survey found that only 1.4% male and 2.6% female respondents said that they learn about HIV infection risks through family.

Meanwhile, up to 90% of the youth said that they study HIV infection risks through television and 70% through books and newspapers. A few of respondents learn about HIV through families, schools and social organizations.

Doctor Vũ Minh Phương from Hà Nội Medical University affirmed that family plays an important role in the formulation of psychological and physiological development for children. Families contribute to providing significant information of HIV infection risks and preventing the disease.

Assistant Professor Vũ Mạnh Lợi said that a majority of Vietnamese parents consider the topics of sexual intercourse and HIV prevention as incitement or telling their children ways to make mistakes. Meanwhile, children are most vulnerable to HIV infection as they are easily drawn by bad persons.

In addition, young people bringing condoms are regarded as not serious.

Doctor Vũ Minh Phượng proposed that parents should be open and teach their children about safe sexual intercourse especially necessary information of HIV. Equipped with adequate knowledge, children will be able to realize what is good and what is bad for them to effectively protect themselves./.

By Kim Loan

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