Exhibition highlights different sculpture styles

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Exhibition highlights different sculpture styles

A sculpture by Dao Chau Hai

Dao Chau Hai, lecturer from the Hanoi Fine Arts University, led the series of exhibitions with his four pieces made from steel and buffalo leather and shaped like a blacksmith’s anvil. Each work was set in the middle of a large wooden framed box that was covered by a black nylon screen, made eerily compelling by a variety of creative light effects. The artist intended viewers to look at the work from the outside as well as go inside the screen and look out, thereby seeing the piece from two different viewpoints. Hai believes his art reflects his own view of human beings and it should be both seen and felt emotionally.

Artist Van Ngoc followed Hai’s show by exhibiting heartwood blocks taken from his own house in Vung Tau city. His house is truly an artwork in itself; Van Ngoc created such a harmony of architecture and sculpture so natural that it makes one wonder if the house will still be a unique and artistic construction if he takes away some bricks to display. Explaining his exhibit, the sculptor said “Art is not only your feelings about visible things - what you see. It is imagination also.”

Phan Phuong Dong’s ‘Shadow’, a large installation comprising small black pieces pasted to the floor and creating a geometrical shape, was the final exhibition in the series. It represents the human shadow or spirit, which is the shelter of the soul. The architect-artist wanted to combine architecture, painting, and sculpture in the exhibition space and allow visitors to figure out his work for themselves. He is interested in horizontal lines and planes because they can create a strong impression on viewers while relaxing them and bringing them peace of mind at the same time.

An interesting seminar on sculpture was also held during the last days of March at the Viet Art Centre, attended by the three artists as well as many art critics and art lovers. At the event, participants shared their ideas on displaying and arranging artwork, and discussed what they were pursuing in creating their own sculptural style.

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