Exhibition features early-century print newspapers

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Exhibition features early-century print newspapers

An exhibition which opens Thursday in a bookstore in Ho Chi Minh features more than 100 original copies of special edition print newspaper published in the early 20th century in Vietnam.

bao xuan The cover of "Sai Gon" Newspaper, 1939 Ky Mao Spring edition Photo: Tuoitre

Called “Bao Xuan,” or Spring Newspaper in Vietnamese, these are the special editions that were put out for the celebration of the coming Lunar New Year back in the 1930s–1940s, a practice still common in the present-day press industry.

These print works belong to various private collectors from across Vietnam, including Nguyen Dinh Dau, Nguyen Huu Triet, Hoang Minh, Vu Ha Tue, and are curated by the bookstore’s owner, Duong Thanh Hoai.

The exhibition is expected to shed light on the early development of the print press in Vietnam and provide valuable reference materials important to the history of the publishing industry.

As “Tet” or Lunar New Year is a symbolic occasion in the country’s rich culture, these editions dedicated a large part to articles, pictures and design layouts embodying traditional practices and values.

These items also contained rich contents, from literary to journalistic materials distinctive of the early 19th century in Vietnam, which can suggest topics for many interesting research or academic studies.

“Even its advertisement section is worth a research or study in its own right, from the language to marketing tools for the products then. It is also a very good way to study the nascent domestic market at the time,” a journalism scholar said.

The exhibition remains open until mid-March at Nha Nam Thu Quan at 015 Apartment, 43 Ho Van Hue, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh.

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