Emergency flood routes to be built in Quang Nam

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Emergency flood routes to be built in Quang Nam

After coping with disastrous flooding, the central province of Quang Nam has plans to build 9 emergency flood routes.

Flooding is a major problem in Quang Nam

The plans call for 135 kilometres to be better prepared for flood rescue activities in the region.

The project, which has just been announced by the People’s Committee of Quang Nam Province, will be carried out between 2011-2015 in the flood meadows in Tam Ky City and 12 districts of the province.

This project lies in the National Target Program for 2011-2015 in Quang Nam Province. It has been approved late October by the Prime Minister with financial support of nearly VND 1.8 billion (USD 90,000) which will be taken from the state budget.

The 9 flood rescue routes will include:

* Road connecting the centre Dai Loc District and some communes lying near such rivers as Vu Gia, Quang Hue, Thu Bon and Khe Tan Water Reservoir

* Road running through the lower river divisions of rivers including Huong An, Ba Ren, Thu Bon and Truong Giang.

* Road running over such rivers as Bong Mieu, Tien, Tram and upper Phu Ninh Lake.

* Road running around Tan An Town in Hiep Duc District.

* Road running around Thanh My Town in Nam Giang District.

* Road running through Tien Ky Town and breakwater on Tien River in Tien Phuoc District.

* Road connecting A Vuong and Lang Communes which lies by A Vuong River in Tay Giang District.

* Road on the northern side of Tam Ky River.

* Road connecting National Road 1A, ĐT.609 and flood-meadow communes in Dien Ban District.

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