Elephant facing extinction at Ha Tinh National Park

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Elephant facing extinction at Ha Tinh National Park

The identity of the Vu Quang National Park elephant poachers remain unknown

Elephants at Vu Quang National Park in Ha Tinh Province are in desperate need of protection as their population is in sharp decline.

Pham Viet Ngoan, former Director of Vu Quang National Park said that the elephant herd had eight members in 1987. Since then, the elephants have continued dying for unknown reasons. “In 1995, we detected there's only five elephants when an Indian graduate student from World Wildlife Foundation conducted a study on the elephants." He said.

The student warned of the dangers the elephants were facing and these dire warnings has come true. In 2006, Vu Quang National Park found two dead elephants with their tusks removed.

A Huong Dien commune officer said the elephants used to come down find food in the farms but they appeared less regularly recently.

Vu Quang National Park confirmed that since 2006, there were only three elephants left. They fear the elephant will be extinct since the three elephants are all female.

To save the elephants, Dao Huy Phien, Director of Vu Quang National Park suggested moving the three elephants to Yooc Don National Park in Dak Lak Province or moving more elephants to Vu Quang. But both of the suggestions were regarded as being too expensive.

Phien said “We barely have enough money to compensate people for the damage the elephants do. We can’t afford to transfer them.”

Director of Vu Quang National Park continues to search for solutions

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