Eighty percent rural waste not treated

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Eighty percent rural waste not treated

More than 80 percent of waste volume in rural areas across the country isn’t collected and treated hygienically.

The statement has been reported by the Institute for Water, Irrigation and Environment, under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), which says this pollutes the environment and directly affects production and people’s lives.

As a result, the life expectancy of people in craft villages is 10 years less than the national average.

Every year, in rural areas, there are 13 million tonnes of rubbish waste, 1,300 million cubic metres of waste water and 7,500 tonnes of leftover packaging from vegetable pesticides and fertilizers. The abuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides for vegetables has caused many cases of poisoning and resulted in unsafe food hygiene.

Besides, 16,700 farms release tens of millions of tonnes of waste on the land, water and atmosphere each year. Also, 5,000 factories processing agriculture and forestry products discharge large amounts of liquid and solid waste.

Therefore, the Institute proposes implementing comprehensive solutions to protect the environment, including encouraging rural households to choose clean technology in their production, creating plans to collect and treat waste in industrial zones and craft villages, and increasing public awareness of the importance of maintaining a clean environment.

Source: VOV

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