Earning a living at Hanoi’s largest garbage dump

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Earning a living at Hanoi’s largest garbage dump

VietNamNet Bridge – On mountains of rubbish, hundreds of people are completely wrapped up in seeking for scrap at night.

Nam Son is the largest rubbish dump in Hanoi. It is situated in Soc Son district.
This is the workplace of 800-1,000 professional rubbish collectors.

Rubbish collectors start working at 3am.

They wear safety-working clothing, including specialized hats with torches.

Despite the smell and flies, they work very hard.

Ms. Vinh said that she was so familiar with the smell.

Ms. Van said that all members in her family work at this garbage dump.
Each of them can earn from $4-8 per day.

Rubbish collectors have to leave the garbage dump before
7am to give way for rubbish trucks.

They carry their “fruit” out of the garbage dump.


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