EIB: Processing 3,781,100 blocked shares

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Vietnam Export Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank) has informed of processing blocked shares as follows:

Current chartered capital: VND8,800,080,000,000, equivalent to 880,008,000 shares.

On 20th October 2009, Eximbank was approved of listing 876,226,900 EIB shares on the Hochiminh Stock Exchange. The remaining volume of 3,781,100 shares was blocked under a Document No.695/NHNN-HCM.02 of the State Bank of Vietnam dated 7th June 2006. According to the Document, Eximbank did not have right to process the illegal amount of shares until the investigation authority disclosed final result.

On 8th January 2010, Eximbank received a Document No.32/CV-PC15 (D8) of the investigation authority about allowing to un-block the amount of 3,781,100 shares. Eximbank had right to use the shares as stipulated.

On 26th March 2010, Eximbank sent a Document No.102/2010/EIB-XLN to the State Bank of Vietnam about solving legal right of shareholders who hold the amount of shares.

On 11th June 2010, Eximbank received a Document No.1079/NHNN-HCM.08 of the State Bank of Vietnam – Hochiminh Branch about responsibility of Eximbank to check, clear the origin of the amount of shares and process them as stipulated.

In conclusion, the amount of 3,781,000 EIB shares has been un-blocked and become common shares.

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