Dog thief charged with illegal detention

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Police have indicted a thief for illegal detention after he attempted to steal dogs and then kept a 5-year-old girl hostage last Saturday in Nghe An Province’s Vinh City.

Nguyen Duc Binh

22-year-old Nguyen Duc Binh has also been charged with stealing assets, along with another young man.

In the early morning of July 9, Binh and Dang The Hung, 27, showed up in Nghi Lien Commune in an attempt to steal dogs from locals.

After being caught in the act, the men tried to escape from locals who pursued them. Hung was captured later while Binh rushed into a house to hide.

Ninh Thi Thu, the house’s owner, shouted for help and Binh immediately held her 5-year-old daughter, Vuong Thi Ngoc Khanh, hostage while locals surrounded the area.

Binh told the besiegers that he would kill the girl if anyone stepped into the house.

Ninh Thi Thu embraces her 5-year-old daughter after the little girl was rescued by police

The police, who was called to the scene at 6:30, tried to persuade Binh to let the girl go and get out of the house but he refused.

45 minutes later, the police managed to break into the house and arrested him.

Binh has a previous conviction for stealing assets and he finished serving his sentence last October.

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