Defending sovereignty: Information publicity to unify people

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Defending sovereignty: Information publicity to unify people

VietNamNet Bridge – “Publicizing information and showing clear attitude to create unity in the people is the vital factor to defend the country. The people must believe that the State has sufficiently firm stuff, experience and international relations to defend sovereignty,” said Prof., Dr. Ho Trong Ngu, an expert of defense-security, about the East Sea dispute.

Prof., Dr. Ho Trong Ngu.

How do you see the recent incidents in the East Sea?

The recent incidents are not incidents of today, but rather the incidents in China’s long-term strategy. The ideology of hegemony originates from China. The conception of conquest and world hegemony has existed in China for thousand years and they have always nurtured this ambition. That political thinking is outdated today but it is still in the mind of some Chinese leaders.

In its behavior with Vietnam, such acts are clear, throughout and systematical. The recent incidents are in calculated chains of acts and they intrigued Vietnam to retaliate, to have pretext to make more rude armed intervention.

We have restrained and pursued peaceful solutions to not be tricked. But restraint does not mean letting China do anything it wants.

Our ancestors have been always attached importance to the relations with China. In our history, we have been always behaved sound in the relations with China. Nobody can cheat the world or cheat the Vietnamese people that we want to wage war against or invade China. Only infant babies believe that argument.

All Vietnamese want peace and friendship, on the basis of the sprit “all nations are equal. The Creator gives everyone the right to live and seek happiness”. In history, even when our country was in extremely dangerous situation, we did not fear any enemy.

In the past, when Vietnam was not known in the world map, we won in the war to defend our country. Today, we have established good relations with many countries and our interest in the East Sea is closely attached with that of many countries.

Some experts said that the solution to defend our sovereignty should be based on the following the 3P formula: publicity, public opinion and public law. In your opinion, what should we make public and to what level to make the unity among the people?

We need to publicize many issues to help the people understand the situation. According to our history, any dynasty that could unify the people’s hearts was very powerful and defeated foreign invaders. If we have unity, no foreign power can subjugate you.

We need to have a mechanism to inform our people about the real situation. Information publicity is also to make people to have firm mind and to not be in confusion and have wrong judgment of the situation.

China is strong in military potential, but we are only defending our nation while China has to defend its interests and ambitions in other strategic areas in the world.

China is carrying out a demagogic policy to spew propaganda that Vietnam attacks Chinese boats to win Chinese people’s agreement. A majority of Chinese are misunderstanding the nature of the issue.

For that reason, we have to provide correct information to awake Chinese who are cheated by China’s demagogy.

It is different from China: we have not properly informed our people about the situation. The must-do task is translating documents into English and Chinese to help the world and Chinese people understand the nature.

We must make Chinese people understand that Vietnam only wants peace and it is not fool to wage war against China.

Information publicity is also the way to let’s the world further understand Vietnam’s viewpoints. Sometimes the world mistakes that Vietnam is a comrade of China.

To maintain friendship with China, we have accepted to be a “comrade”, but a China with two regimes doesn’t care of the socialism or communism in Vietnam. Their goal is taking advantage of the point that both Vietnam and China have communist parties to make Vietnamese think that Vietnam is a comrade of China. At the same time, they gradually transgress each inch of Vietnam’s land. This is a very dangerous argument and if even our people don’t understand it thoroughly, international friends can misunderstand it.

I think we have to make international friends to understand the nature so they are in the same side of justice with us.

Finally, the most important meaning of publicity is to gain determination and unity inside the country to defend our sovereignty.

The people must know their country’s potential and how can it do. We must do this task right now, in all areas. As President Ho Chi Minh said “we can sacrifice everything but not lose our country”.

The vital thing is having unity and agreement. The people must believe that the State has sufficiently firm stuff, experience and international relations to defend sovereignty.

Have National Assembly deputies been informed fully of the situation?

President Ho Chi Minh said that whenever our country is invaded, the patriotism rises to make a big wave. The National Assembly takes an important role in unifying the people’s will and raise the people’s power.

There are many channels to supply information to the National Assembly but more information is needed in the coming time.

I think that in the first session of the 13th National Assembly in July, the National Assembly needs to discuss and raise its voice over the nation’s sovereignty.

Le Nhung

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