Dak Lak: Trapped elephant rescued

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Dak Lak: Trapped elephant rescued

VietNamNet Bridge – The young wild elephant that was trapped in the National Park of Yok Don in Dak Lak Province was rescued on May 14.

elephant, dak lak, trap, rescue, yok don

elephant, dak lak, trap, rescue, yok don

The wild elephant was escorted by two domestic elephants.

On May 7, rangers discovered a young wild elephant caught in a poacher's trap in the Yok Don National Park. They said the elephant was trapped for at least three days.

The male elephant, about 800kg, aged five or six, suffered from serious injuries to his trunk and feet caused by the traps. The wounds were also infected with gangrene. Mr. Tran Van Thanh, director of the Yok Don National Park, said that without timely treatment, he would die.

Four experienced mahouts tried to control the elephant so that rescue workers could remove the traps and treat him but the process was difficult, as the animal is not domesticated. Finally, the elephant escaped and ran into the forest after the trap was removed.

After several days tracing the elephant, on May 14, rescue workers found the animal in the forest that is about 1km from the Sre Pork forest protection station.

The team used two domestic elephants to surround and control the wild elephant. The animal was escorted to the ranger station for being treated by experts from the HCM City Zoo.

Experts injected the elephant with sedative to suture an open wound on the trunk.

The animal will be released back to the jungle after all wounds are treated.

There are more than 80 wild elephants and 52 domestic elephants living in Dak Lak.

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