Da Nang citizens tease police with fake helmets

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Da Nang citizens tease police with fake helmets

People in Da Nang city have recently tried to wear substandard helmets in front of police, hoping to be stopped so that they could exchange them for new high-quality ones.

helmet People who were checked by police expressed happiness Photo: Tuoi Tre

At 8pm last Tuesday, a man in his 50s wore a ‘decorative’ helmet and rode a bicycle to a helmet exchange point. After being told that the exchange for new helmets is not widely carried out, the old man became upset and rode away. Within hours, hundreds of people parked their bikes to buy new helmets but came out empty-handed.

Many people also tried to ask police to check their helmets but failed. A motorbike taxi driver wandered around traffic police, hoping to be stopped. However, after being ignored for a while, he could not help but ride away.

Meanwhile, those who were checked by police expressed happiness. While a police officer stood on the street, using a baton to point at drivers, those violators started to smile.

“People need to be checked by police officers to get a quality helmet. I finally got one!” said Nguyen Phi Duc, residing in Hai Chau district.

In Da Nang, as the number of new quality helmets has not met massive public demand, only motorists wearing headgear caught by police will be able to exchange for new ones. Owing to this new policy, several humorous stories have happened in the city.

Colonel Nguyen Dinh Chinh, deputy head of Da Nang police, said there have been 200 violations per day, and 120 people have been able to exchange for quality helmets.

“There is a high demand for helmets, and we can only deal with a part of it. The importance is to advise locals to wear reliable helmets from well-known brands,” he said.

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