Compact camera forecast to disappear from market in 2 years

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Compact camera forecast to disappear from market in 2 years

VietNamNet Bridge – The high grade smart phones with high quality cameras have emerged as the biggest rival for compact camera series.

Smart phone’s camera quality upgraded

The stiff competition by smart phone manufacturers in providing entertainment features on high-end smart phones has led to the birth of integrated cameras with higher and higher resolution, with good picture-taking features.

It’s clear that the smart phones have become the choice of many people. Especially, some experts have forecast that high-end smart phones would dislodge compact cameras from the market.

HTC has launched HTC One X with the camera considered as having the highest quality for now. The camera with the resolution of 8.0MP is equipped with BSI sensor, allowing to capture images in low light conditions. The lens with the possible opening of up to F/2.0 allows the shooting with 28mm wide angle. Especially, with quad-core processor, the camera has very quick shooting speed.

The camera not only can be used to take pictures, but also to film full HD. With the ImageSense feature, the machine can both film and take picture at the same time, while very few compact cameras can do so.

The camera of One X has also been integrated with many different shooting modes, allowing to shoot continuously. Besides, the features of sharing photos on social networks, email, wireless connection with computers all can satisfy the demand of the choosiest clients.

Recently, Samsung has launched Galaxy SIII with a 8.0 camera into the market. The machine not only can provide high quality pictures, but also has attractive features. It can be booted with voice, or it allows to take 20 pictures at the same time. With the Bestphoto feature, users can take 8 pictures continuously for choosing the best one for them.

The latest smart phone models introduced by Sony, Motorola, LG and BlackBerry have also been equipped with the cameras which have better resolution and features. iPhone, for example, provides attached removable accessories which allow to produce the pictures with the higher quality than the pictures taken by compact cameras.

Compact cameras would become old fashioned?

While smart phones have made a big leap in the camera quality, compact cameras have also been much improved. Samsung and Canon have marketed the smart cameras which allow making wi-fi connections. With the feature, users can easily share the photos with other devices such as iPhone or iPad and posted on social networks.

When asked about the sales of compact cameras in the age of smart phone, Le Thanh Hang, a senior executive from Canon in Vietnam, has affirmed that Vietnamese people still have the demand for compact cameras.

She cited the report by GfK as saying that compact cameras still accounted for a big proportion of the products sold.

However, an executive of Sony Vietnam believes that the age of compact cameras would end in two years. He said that users nowadays tend to use smart phones with high quality cameras which can serve both the demand for communicating and taking pictures.

Reuters has reported that Japan, the biggest camera manufacturer in the world, in the first quarter of 2012 sold the number of cameras triple that of the same period of 2003, the time when smart phones with cameras just hit the market.

Nguyen Viet Hung, a well-known photographer, also thinks that the strong development of smart phone models with high quality cameras would certainly affect the sales of compact cameras. People would consider buying smart phones which can do two things for them, instead of buying phones and cameras separately.

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