Combing hair, a strange job

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Combing hair, a strange job

VietNamNet Bridge – Combing hair is a special job of women in Dong Tho, Bac Ninh province.

Dong Tho was known for a special job “exchanging hair for candy” in the past. At present,
processing hair for export is the job of many families there.

Mr. Do Van Thu, the manager of a hair processing enterprise in Dong Tho, says: “We go to
Saigon and even Laos and Cambodia to buy hair. We hire workers to comb, clean and make
curls of hair to export to China. We sell from 6-7 tons of hair monthly.”

Dong Tho’s people purchase all kinds of hair, from black to white hair, short to long hair.
They even buy loose hair and hair of men from hairdressing salons.

Ms. Tan, a hair buyer, says: “I usually go to hairdressing salons to buy ruffled hair. Though
this kind of hair is dirty but it yields higher profit than men’s hair.”

Hair is combed with spike-boards and big combs.

After being combed, hair is cleaned and divided into curls. Each curl weighs around two
hundred grams. A curl of hair is priced at least VND500,000 ($25). Hair is used to make wigs,
artificial eyelashes, artificial beard, etc.

“I work from 7am to 4.30pm. I’m paid VND100,000 ($5) a day, plus lunch.
My income is not high but this job is stable,” says Ms. Sinh, 45.

According to Asinh, a Chinese hair trader, Vietnamese hair is the most beautiful
because the hair is black, smooth, with thick strands. Such kind of hair can be
treated freely with chemicals, without becoming thinner.

Collecting and processing hair for export has become a good job for local people in the
last ten years, says Do Van Kien, a local official.


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