Climbing up a tree, 83-year-old woman falls and dies

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VietNamNet Bridge – An 83-year-old woman climbed up an over-20m areca tree to pluck betel-nuts for chewing, but she fell down and died.

On May 1, being afraid that her family members could not pluck good betel-nuts as she wanted, Ms. Nguyen Thi Le climbed up an areca tree planted in the yard in front of her house to choose the best betel-nuts.

While watching television, Ms. Le’s family members heard a strong sound from the yard. They went out to see what happened and saw the old woman lying motionless in the yard. They brought the woman to the nearest hospital for emergency aid but she was dead.

The woman’s son, Mr. Dang Van Luyen, said that Ms. Le was over 80 but she was very healthy. She used to be a hired betel-nut picker, so she usually climbed up areca trees to pluck betel-nuts for herself.

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