City department calls for strict control over State-owned land

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City department calls for strict control over State-owned land

Leasing contracts for State-owned land should be terminated if lessees violate the Land Law, and those who re-lease public land must pay the higher rents received to the State budget, the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Natural Resources and Environment has proposed.

In order to improve land management, the department has suggested to city authorities that administrations at all levels should strengthen control over public land management and strictly punish violators.

The authorities of communes, wards, towns should post in their offices the list of state-owned land being used by agencies for common supervision, the department said.

When detecting land-related violations, commune authorities must report them to the district authorities for inspection and punishment. For serious violations, the district authorities will report them to the city People’s Committee and the department for resolution.

The department will inspect such cases and hand out strict punishments to violators, including termination of land lease contracts and proposing that the city authorities take back the land.

The department also wants authorities at all levels to strengthen control over the use of public land funds to ensure the land is used properly and efficiently.

To avoid losses to the State budget, the department has asked the city Tax Department to step up collection of overdue land rents as well as retroactive collection of land rents.

In cases where official agencies re-lease their land, the Tax Department must collect the difference between the new rent and the State’s rentals, and pay the difference to the State budget, the department has proposed.

In addition, land rents paid to the State budget must be increased to market prices or to the rent collected from re-leasing of land.

Organizations that are using State-owned land but they have yet to sign land lease contracts or have yet to complete procedures for land allocation must pay land rent on the basis of temporary calculations to local tax authorities, the department said.

The department proposes that organizations that are using public land but are yet to sign lease contracts are allowed by city authorities to sign short-term contracts in order to create a legal foundation for tax authorities to retroactively collect land rent.

Land must be reduced or revoked from State-owned corporations and groups using public land inefficiently, the department suggests.

Organizations that are using public land must tighten control over land use, ensure the land is being used efficiently, prevent it from being illegally occupied, and correct shortcomings related to their own use, the department has said.

The heads of such organizations should be held responsible for violations of land management and use regulations, the department has suggested.

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