Citizens take action over pollution in their community

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Citizens take action over pollution in their community

About one hundred people gathered in Dong Nai Province to protest the pollution from discharged waste, covering up a wastewater discharge point with sand, rocks and bricks.

People angry for the lack of environment solution

The protest was carried out on April 27, by residents of Tam An Commune. They were angry about the discharge of sewage by the Sonadezi Building Company, and wanted compensation for the damage it has done to their community.

When they were trying to covered up the outlet, guards employed by Sonadezi appeared on the scene. However, there were no representatives for management to be seen. The local police arrived soon after to make sure there was no public disturbance.

Cao Minh Hoang, Head of Security at the Long Thanh Police Department, said the people of Tam An have reported to the authorities their intention the day before. About the protest, he commented, "We tried to calm everyone down, but if people really cover up the outlet there is not much we can do." Hoang said.

Tam An Commune authorities said that, on May 3, Dong Nai National Assembly Deputies will hold a forum with concerned citizens.

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