Chinese businessmen set up warehouses in HCM City

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Chinese businessmen set up warehouses in HCM City

VietNamNet Bridge – Chinese businessmen have brought their goods closer to Vietnamese consumers by setting up warehouses to distribute goods in HCM City. Experts have warned that a new wave of Chinese goods flocking to Vietnam would be seen in the near future.

The house in district 5 in HCM City did not have anything special to catch up the special attention of the public. The house is 4 meters in width and 11-12 meters in length. A fashion shop is open in the area which faces the street. There were only some dusty clothes hung over, some old handbags and the notice board that the shop owner offered the price discounts of 30-50 percent.

However, the shop still can attract a lot of clients, most of them are “loyal clients.” When the special buyers come, they would be led to another room, where there are a lot of goods on display.

The goods available here are diversified. Especially, it is estimated that several thousands of bags, with different design styles and in different colors, are displayed on the shelves.

This is one of the “Chinese goods supermarkets” in HCM City as called by the local residents.

The Chinese supermarkets

Tiu, one of the three sellers here, speaks Vietnamese not very well, but she can count and calculate money very well.

Tiu said that she came to Vietnam and opened the shop in 2011, together with two friends. Unlike other wholesalers, who only offered goods via Internet, Tiu believes that it would be better to set up a warehouse here, where retailers can come and see the products with their eyes.

At first, the main clients of Tiu were only the people who could speak Chinese and came to buy products for retailing at the Binh Tay, An Dong or shops. Later, Tiu has many other Vietnamese clients. Though she still cannot speak Vietnamese very well, she can well understand the requirements of clients.

Saigon Tiep Thi’s reporters came to four Chinese warehouses in HCM City to see with their eyes the “landing” of Chinese goods on the Vietnamese land. The toy shop in district 6 is designed like a modern wholesale center: products are displayed on the shelves with the retail price tags in front of every product. After choosing products, buyers would make payment at the counter. Here the buyers would see on the computer the wholesale prices of the products.

Thuy, the owner of the shop, said that he can satisfy all the requirements of buyers. Especially, if clients ask him to issue the invoices showing the purchase price at 65,000 dong for the product which is priced at 43,000 dong only, he would be ready to serve.

The souvenir warehouse of Thu is located near the Binh Tay Market. There are thousands of watches and clocks, stuffed animals displayed with a reasonable method to customers’ easy consideration. If clients buy goods in big quantities, the owner would deliver at home one hour later.

Chinese goods attacking Vietnamese market with new method

Chinese goods have changed their face, while Chinese businessmen have changed their way to approach the Vietnamese businessmen in HCM City. In the past, Vietnamese businessmen placed orders after considering goods on Internet. Chinese businessmen deliver goods after receiving orders. However, things are different now.

Chinese businessmen now tend to make heavier investment to push up trade in Vietnam. They spend more money to hire sale and delivery staff. They try to offer new samples to retailers as soon as they can, while they would accept different requirements of retailers.

Some retailers have estimated that there are some 10 warehouses of Chinese goods in HCM City, which distribute underwear, handicrafts, fashionable handbags, children’s toys. The warehouses are located in the houses with the minimum are of 100 square meters in districts 5, 6 and Tan Binh. There are 4-5 storeys in each house for displaying goods.

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