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Many netizens are outraged with local celebrities whose nude and otherwise sexually provocative photos keep being leaked on the Internet or appearing on magazines.

Ngo Tien Doan, a well-known Vietnamese model and a lecturer at Can Tho University who won Mister International 2008, has recently shocked the online public with photos featuring his voluptuous body and sexual poses on a men’s magazine in Thailand.

A photo of model Ngo Tien Doan for a Thai magazine was leaked online.

“I feel sad when seeing these photos and find it comprehensible that a university lecturer can do this,” a reader commented on a website.

“I was shocked when seeing these photos,” said another reader.

Female celebrities aren’t falling behind in the race to show up their sexy curves, using all sorts of ways to cover up their breasts so that their photos fall short of nudity.

Some used handbags, belts, and scarves, or even bank notes to hide their breasts while one had her male colleague do the job.

Model Bebe Pham stripped her clothes, and used wedding gown to cover her curves in a revealing way. Model Chung Thuc Quyen used sticking plaster to stick on her breasts while another popular model Ngoc Quyen published her completely naked photos to call on people to protect the environment.

A sexy image of model Diem My has been leaked online.

New names in the local showbiz such as Diem My have also joined the race. Though new in the local showbiz, Diem My has released a photo collection in which she wore underwear and moved her body in highly sexual manners.

23-year-old Elly Tran, famous at home for her busty looks, has also generated a lot of online buzz after she appeared in a photo for a Thai magazine in which she used a leaf to cover her breasts.

A local singer once defended such bodily displays, saying people with sexy bodies should show them off. However, many netizens wondered what else celebrities were good for but showing off their bodies.

Despite adverse comments from the online community, local culture management agencies or social organizations haven’t offered any comment.

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