Builders of national frontier patrol route honoured

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An art exchange program will be held in Hanoi on August 20 to honour the soldiers who have engaged in building the national frontier patrol route.

The program was co-organised by the People’s Army newspaper, the management board of project 47 and the National Communication and Broadcasting agency, to mark the 5th year of the construction project.

On August 16, Major General Le Phuc Nguyen, who is Editor in Chief of the People’s Army newspaper said the programme will explain in detail the scale of the construction plan of the patrol route, which runs from Mong Cai (Quang Ninh) to Ha Tien (Kien Giang) along Vietnam’s borders with China, Laos and Cambodia.

Major General Hoang Kien, Director of the Management Board of project 47 said that in the past five years since the project was launched, the soldiers have completed 2,030 km of the 10,000 km long concrete route.

Though facing many challenges, the soldiers are striving to complete the road as they know too well that the new strategic route will speed up socio-economic development, and help maintain national border security, peace and friendship with bordering countries.

Participants in the exchange program will include representatives from the Engineer Corps, the Border Defence, the military construction companies, the transport sector and compatriots of various ethnic groups where the route passes through.

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