Buffalo cart for the bride

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Buffalo cart for the bride

Buffalo cart for the bride

In Vietnam, most brides are often carried to their grooms’ houses by car. However, a couple in Nam Dan District in the central province of Nghe An had a unique wedding when the groom carried the bride home on a buffalo cart. This is the wedding of Dao Van Duc, 21, and Ho Thi Hoa, 23.

Duc was Hoa’s childhood friend. As Duc is younger than Hoa, he hesitated to show his feeling to Hoa. Finally, his love overcame his hesitation and Duc proposed to Hoa.

Duc wanted to have an impressive wedding and to make Hoa understand that she is important to him, so he decided to use buffalo cart his family often uses to carry droppings in his wedding. He decorated the cart with a heart made of coconut palms and embellished with colorful ribbons, balloons and a parasol. It took Duc and his friends all day to decorate the cart.

On his happy day on March 11, Duc himself led the buffalo and the cart to the bride’s house and carried his wife home under the witness of quite a few local people. Duc says: “I could hire a car for my wedding but I felt that it was not necessary and wasteful. Why didn’t we use what we have? I feel happy with what I have done and what I have now,” reported dantri.com.vn.

The guardian and wild birds

Tram Chim National Park in Tam Nong District of the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap has been admitted into the List of Wetlands of International Importance by Ramsar Convention. To have this honor, many generations have tried their best to protect forests and wild birds here. The 57-year-old guardian Tran Thanh Hong is an example.
Hong, a.k.a. Nam Hong, has nearly 20-year experience in protecting Tram Chim. He says that he was born in An Giang Province. In 1962 he and his family moved to Dong Thap. Nam Hong had done many jobs but finally he decided to join Tram Chim’s protection force in 1994. He tells Thanh Nien newspaper that this seems to be his fate. Nam Hong knows the terrain of Tram Chim well and masters the migration and growth habits and rules of wild birds.

Nam Hong is now responsible for looking after A5 sub-area where local people sometimes appropriated forest land for farming or grazing their buffaloes. Locals often get up at 5 a.m. to prepare for a day’s work, so Nam Hong has to get up at 3 or 4 a.m. and walks to these households to remind them of protecting forests and wild birds. Many have ceased illegal deforestation and hunting thanks to the thoughtful guardian.

Poetic fishermen

On Truong Sa (Spratly) Islands, many fishers are not only good at catching fish but also able to write poems and sing songs about their homeland. Spotlight would like to introduce two among these good fishermen.

Captain Truong Dinh Hiep’s boat won the “Cuttlefish Catching King of Truong Sa” title for the highest catch. Besides being good at squid catching, he is an amateur poet and musician when he has written hundreds of poems and songs about the sea and islands as well as local fishers’ life.

Hiep is responsible for keeping contact and announcing weather news to small boats through radio. While on duty, he often reads a poem or sings a song and explains its meaning on the radio to help fishers relax.
Another captain, Duong Thanh Vinh, loves to sing songs about his homeland Quang Ngai Province. He always begins with the song “Bình Sn quê m” (Binh Son — my motherland). After his turn, other fishermen also join singing while working.

Fishermen say that singing and reading poems keep them from falling asleep and encourage them to do their job better, according to Tien Phong newspaper.

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