Brangelina, Pax Thien enjoy lunch in HCMC

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Brangelina, Pax Thien enjoy lunch in HCMC

Angelina Jolie wrote in the visitors’ book of Cuc Gach restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City: “Thank you for wonderful lunch, beautiful place, good food. We look forward to next time” after she, Brad Pitt and their adopted Vietnamese children Pax Thien had lunch there at about 11:30 am on November 11.

Jolie - pitt Angelina Jolie left Cuc Gach restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City on November 11, 2011. Photo: Na Son

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The restaurant’s manager told Tuoi Tre they received the phone call from the couple’s representative to book a table just a short time before their lunch. They didn’t ask for a separate table like other celebrities.

When they came to the restaurant, Brangelina and Pax Thien were friendly to the restaurant staff there. They ordered Vietnamese food.

After consulting the restaurant’s manager, they ordered ‘cang cua’ salad with beef, tofu with citronella, fried crab with salt, grilled pork with rice vermicelli noodle, and oyster soup. Jolie chose pinenapple juice while Pitt preferred wine.

During the lunch, the couple talked to each other happily while Pax was absorbed in a Lego toy.

At the table, Pax Thien pointed to the coconut and told the waiter he liked it. However, when the family ordered drinks, Pax switched to coffee juice.

At first, Jolie tried to explain that coffee would make it difficult to sleep but Pax wanted coffee juice anyway.

Lastly, Pitt asked the staff to divide the juice into two halves, one for Pax and one for him.

The trio enjoyed their lunch for one hour and used up all ordered food. Before they left, they walked around the restaurant and shook hands with the chefs in order to thank them for a wonderful lunch.

Jolie - pitt

Angelina Jolie and her adopted Vietnamese Pax Thien spotted after having lunch at Cuc Gach restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City on November 11, 2011. Photo by Na Son

Jolie - pitt

Photo by Na Son

Jolie - pitt

Photo by Na Son

but tich

Angelina Jolie wrote in the visitors’ book of Cuc Gach restaurant with her signature and those of Brad Pitt and Pax Thien. Photo by Q.N.

Time to bring Pax home

Jolie, 36, told the Financial Times in July: "They are all learning about each other's cultures as well as being proud of their own. They all have their flags over their beds and their individual pride."

"We owe Vietnam a visit, because Pax is due while Zahara wants to come back to Africa. I and Brad Pitt will bring them in turn to their home countries,” Jolie added.

This is the first time the couple and their all six kids have come to Vietnam.

A source from Ho Chi Minh City’s Tan Son Nhat Airport told Tuoi Tre that Brangelina carried out procedures at the airport at 20:00 on November 10, 2011.

The couple and all their six kids together with assistants flew to Vietnam on a private special aircraft.

In 2006, they made a surprise visit to Vietnam before adopting an orphan named Pham Quang Sang at HCMC’s Tam Binh orphanage a year later and then naming him Pax Thien.

After visiting Vietnam, the ‘multicultural & multinatural’ family will travel to South Korea to promote Moneyball, Bard Pitt’s latest film.

The family had earlier visited Tokyo to promote the film.

Their six children are twins Know Leon Jolie-Pitt and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt (born in 2008), Shiloh (born in 2006), Maddox (adopted in 2002), Zahara (adopted in 2005), and Pax.

Con Dao island vacation

At 15:45 on November, 11, Air Mekong’s Bombadier CRJ-900 airplane took the family to Con Son Airport in Con Dao District of Ba Ria Vung Tau southern province -- 230km southeast of Ho Chi Minh City after a 30-minute flight with Air Mekong.

According to some sources, the couple want to take a vacation at Con Dao island before Christmas.

Being well protected by bodyguards and security staffs of the airport, they were escorted on a vehicle and driven to the Six Senses Resort, just 10km from the airport.

The family will come back to HCMC on November 16 and then leave Vietnam on the same day, a source told Tuoi Tre.

On Friday evening, Bui Van Binh, chairman of Con Dao District’s People’s Committee, said: “It’s a big pride for all people in the island district when the world-renowned movie stars and their children choose Con Dao Island as their vacation. Their images could help promote tourism among international visitors in Con Dao Island in particular and in Vietnam in general.”

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