Boys punished for throwing water at young girls in video clip

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Boys punished for throwing water at young girls in video clip

VietNamNet Bridge – Police of the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang have fined three men in a video clip on the Internet, who drove a motorbike and threw water at the faces of young girls on bicycles.

In a short video clip that was posted to the internet several days ago, three young men drove a motorbike without wearing helmets. One man held a water barrel and one held a mug.

Seeing two girls who were pedaling, they approached the girls to throw a mug of water to the faces of these girls.

They kept chasing another girl on a bicycle. One man stood up and threw the whole water barrel to the girl’s head.

The three men were very excited and they drove away.

The video clip also has the voice of the one who shot the clip.

Thousands of people watched the clip and wrote comments. All of them were very angry with these “uneducated” men.

Ha Giang police have found out the three men. According to the chief police officer, senior lieutenant colonel Do Tien Dung, one of them is a high-school student in Ha Giang city and two others are studying in Hanoi. The clip was shot in July 2011 in Ha Giang city.

The three boys were fined.

Several months ago Ha Giang police fined a group of young men who used water pistols to tease girls on the road.

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