Boulevard floods blamed on poor drainage infrastructure

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The Thang Long Boulevard, the most modern boulevard in the country, floods whenever it rains despite having been open to the public for nearly one year.

Only this month, passenger foot tunnels running under the boulevard flooded twice, with water levels reaching over one metre.

The reason for the problem was that the boulevard did not have a sewage system, according to the Thang Long project management board.

"Although the boulevard is already open to traffic, the installation of electricity pylons, planting of trees and construction of overpasses have yet to be completed," said Le Dac Tuan, director of the management board.

Pham Van Thiet, head of the Construction Executing Division, said, "The investor did not provide us with a design for a sewage system, so we couldn't build one."

As a last resort, we had to use pumps to clear the water, he said.

Tuan said that construction of the Thang Long Boulevard began in 2002. At that time, there were many fields and ponds along the boulevard, and the sewage system was designed so that the water would discharge directly into those ponds.

However, in 2005, construction of residential areas began and the ponds were drained, so the original design was no longer suitable, he said.

At present the management board is working with the Ministry of Transport to complete a new design for a sewage system.

"We have also assigned a team of workers to keep a close watch on the tunnels and deal with flooding quickly and efficiently," said Tuan.

The situation should be resolved soon without compromising the safety of pedestrians or vehicles along the boulevard, he confirmed.

"By the end of this month, a design for the sewage system will be completed," he said.

The Thang Long Boulevard project has a total investment of more than VND7.5 trillion (US$376.3 million). — VNS

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