Boss’ brother seized for assaulting protester

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Boss’ brother seized for assaulting protester

The police yesterday detained five people in Da Nang City for assaulting a local man who protested against pollution caused by the company’s Golden Hills residential construction project.

Nguyen Tuan suffers many wounds, including one on the head and another on the back Photo: Tuoi Tre

Nguyen Tuan prevented dumper trucks from entering a construction site that had caused dust pollution to the areas from where local resident are to be displaced due to a construction project.

He was later stabbed, after which over 1,000 angry people stormed the project’s office and demanded justice.

Now, police have arrested Nguyen Tam Loc, 31, the brother of Nguyen Tam Tien, director of Trung Nam Machinery Assembly and Construction Joint Stock Company – the investor of the project of the Quan Nam – Thuy Tu Urban Area (Golden Hills) in the city.

Loc is deputy manager of the Trung Nam’s sales and supplies department.

The four others include Vo Phi Hai, 26, an employee of Trung Nam, Huynh Van Bong, 22; Nguyen Giac, 19; and Le Thanh Tuan, 31.

All of the five are charged with intentional assault, said the police of Hoa Vang District.

The angry crowd break up a lot of glass windows of the Quan Nam – Thuy Tu Urban Area project office (Photo: Tuoi Tre)

On August 29, these men beat and stabbed Nguyen Tuan, a district resident, at his home.

The victim had to be hospitalized with many wounds, including one on the head and another on the back.

After the attack, more than 1,000 angry residents stormed the local office of the project to protest for several days and destroyed assets of the company.

They thought Tuan was attacked out of revenge by Trung Nam for his participation in blocking the company’s dumper trucks. However, the Trung Nam director denied the allegation that his company hired people to stab Tuan.

The police came to the scene, calmed down the angry crowd, and tracked down the attackers on Tuan.

On September 6, the Da Nang City government opened an urgent meeting with local people to be relocated and the investor to identify problems arising from the project implementation.

Over 1,000 people flock to the executive office of the Quan Nam – Thuy Tu Urban Area Project in Hoa Hiep Bac Commune, Lien Chieu District yesterday morning (Photo: Tuoi Tre)

Local residents voiced their concerns about a series of problems related to environmental pollution, site clearance, compensation rates, relocation and job support schemes for the local people.

They also said they could no longer stand the clouds of dust choking the life out of their living areas, a result of endless lines of trucks transporting construction materials for the project.

“We also live with constant worries about potential accidents and possible diseases caused by the dust pollution,” a local said.

Uncomfortable with their resettlement prospect, Dang Tan Do, another local, voiced his frustration, “We are ready to move if we get reasonable compensation. But the land for our relocation is not even available, so where do they expect us to move to?”

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